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Deep South Vibes is an Entertainment and Promotional Hub.


We help our local shops, bars and restaurants build new audiences via online promotion to students.


We provide student focused world-class music and entertainment events, to showcase and inspire local talent.


Showcase, utilize and inspire local student talent through original content production and marketing.


We help students secure paid part-time and casual work promoting local businesses through brand activations and in-store promotions.

It’s not just a business; it’s the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of the people in our community. To showcase, and inspire!


Experience it



Are you tired of staring at your blank walls? Are you nostalgic for summer? We are! So why not bring summer and the sea indoors with a truly unique and inspiring piece of art from our latest young talent in the Deep South.

Pulp Shape Industries

Pulp Shape Industries

Pulp Shape Industries can best be described as a family focused surf brand that grommets, new starters, professionals or even older folks can relate to; a brand that aims at providing the right board for your exact needs.

Fab Ideas Christmas Gift Fair

Fab Ideas Christmas Gift Fair

This years been one for the books so if you are looking for awesome handpicked products at affordable prices, then the Fab Ideas Christmas Gift Fair is a must. With no other indoor Gift Fair in the Deep South, this is an ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their products.

Just For The Night

Just For The Night

Just For The Night by Michael Sutton ft Skyelar Clarke has just been released in all good music stores. Get it now and support local. Read up on the meaning behind the track and how the magic came together.

PAW PAW Crochets

PAW PAW Crochets

Retro Crochets. These two words are not normally neighbors and are seldom seen together, but clearly describe this upcoming entrepreneur! Enter PAW PAW Crochets, a purely local, online brand, that brings crochet items out from the old and into the new in a retro funky way.

Good Riddance Coffee Co.

Good Riddance Coffee Co.

Can sunshine be a culture? For Good Riddance Coffee Co. it is; and with good reason. Grown out of the need to happily get rid of anything deemed unworthy. The Good Riddance brand was born from Shakespeare, bad habits and finding your inner sunshine.


Fractals are one of those bands where the main genre is uncertain because, well, they play so many. Each song is vastly different from the next, yet just as captivating and awe inspiring.

DIY Craft Bar

At DIY Craft Bar, you can take a sip of your chilled wine, while grabbing a healthy bite to eat, surrounded by your friends. And have some fun too.

Open Studios Kommetjie

Listen Up Aspiring Artists! This is an amazing opportunity to see artists in their natural habitat. But especially for any young aspiring and upcoming artists that want to get into the art world. Now is the time to network, learn and see if this is what you want to do.

The Calm Water Co.

The Calm Water Co. is simply water in a can and definitely a new concept in the mineral water space. Canned at the source in the Cederberg Mountains, The Calm Water Co. is one of the first natural mineral waters in a can in South Africa and it’s available in the South Peninsula.

Hayley Jade

‘Salt’ the new single from Hayley Jade, is now available on all streaming platforms. Get it now and get into that Deep South Vibe! Inspired by the beauty of her surroundings, she began to make music that felt right in the wild spaces she was so drawn to and began to hone her skills as a songwriter.


The Winning Formula


  • 1 x thought creator and idea’s person
  • 1 x social media guru
  • 5 x pinches of design
  • 3 x digital channels
  • 5 tablespoon of entrepreneurship
  • 2 x marketing students
  • 1 x dash of digital expertise
  • 1 x liberal pour of local community support
  • 10 x large portions of modern entertainment
  • Additional local talent to taste


  1. Stir the thought creator, ideas, and add the dash of digital expertise.
  2. Combine the local talent, with community support and the pinch of design
  3. Mix the remaining ingredients into a large pot. (if a permanent venue is not in season, use local venues)
  4. Bake with many social and happy students until pumping.
  5. Remove from oven and pour over the modern entertainment evenly.
  6. Serve hot!


On the ground teams with local knowledge & experience.

Deep South Vibes believes in the promotion and upliftment of businesses and talent in our local community. More than just a business; it’s the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of the people we support.


From in-store promotions & product launches to brand activations and VIP Hostesses, Deep South Vibes run high-impact activations with our trained DSV Agents and student teams.


Got a great edited video? Or have you just produced a killer dance track? Maybe you have inspired a new recipe, written a poem or are leading the way in your community initiatives? Maybe you are an aspiring blogger or writer, or possibly an avid photographer or environmentalist – we want to hear from you.


Through the use of our social media channels, we promote student-focused local based content to all our fans and followers. Discounts, events, and promotions – if it’s on in the Deep South and it’s for students, we want to not only hear about it, but shout about it!


Deep South Vibes produces Student focused pop up events in our local community that make use of the current infrastructure and venues.

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Hey You!

Do you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Do you want to be invited to exclusive VIP events and parties? Do you want to be the first to know what’s hot in the Deep South?

Simply sign up with Deep South Vibes and secure your spot on the hottest invitation list in the Deep South.

From Full Moon Pool Parties; Student Takeover Nights and Acoustic Sunset Beach Sessions, hold on tight, it’s going to get exciting!

The need for student focused entertainment and nightlife in the Deep South is evident. The need to support our local communities, shops, restaurants, entertainers and artists has never been greater than now. Providing jobs and uplifting Students is a vital in these challenging times. Sourcing, using and promoting our local talent is essential. Thats where you come in! 

Student Entertainment
Student Entertainment


be a part of something bigger than yourself. Be the first to know what's hot in the Deep South. secure your spot on the hottest invitation list in the Deep South.


Supporting communities through the power of students.

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