10 Reasons to get a part-time Job

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Does working while studying seems like a drag?

The last thing you want to do after studying all day is to go to work and bang out a 4-hour shift. Or better yet, work over your precious days off on the weekend?

I hate to break it to you, but you will be working most of your life and the sooner you get into the business world the better. I can also state that at some point you will have more than 1 part time job to keep up with your increasing financial needs while your parents are cutting back the apron strings.


There are many benefits of working a part-time job as a student.

From making some extra money on the side to gaining valuable work experience, here are 10 reasons why you should get a part-time job.


Acquire valuable work experience for your CV.

Having legitimate work experience on your CV puts you in a great position when applying for a more permanent job. It adds credibility to your application.


Reduce your student loan debt.

Most of you will have some form of student debt you have to deal with (unless you are one of the very lucky and fortunate ones.) Earning cash can help reduce this burden faster.


Opportunity for networking with professionals.

The path to great things always starts with an open door. Having a part time job has the potential to lead to great things. Opportunities are everywhere and by placing yourself in a work environment, you will come into contact with professionals and like-minded people.


Opportunity to sample different career choices.

The hardest part of being a student is the choices you have to make. Especially in terms of careers and work. Getting a part time job helps you learn the basics and get a taste of various roles in business. Who knows where your talent really lies.

Step Up

It’s a ‘no brainer’


Gain transferable skills.

A university or college degree won’t teach you everything. A part time job will teach you how to work in a team, or even on your own where you have to pay attention to detail. All of these skills make you more hireable in your career and help you in your life.


Exposure to the real world of work.

Understanding workplace ethics and company cultures makes a big difference in your job performance. Having part time work experience indicates that you can multi task, that you are committed and that you have drive.


Enhance fundamental time management skills.

Juggling a busy schedule is no small task.  Between your studies, part time work and social life, learning how to manage it all and be more organised and efficient makes you much more employable.


Develop your confidence and interpersonal skills.

Are you shy? Or are you overly confidant? Build the right confidence and learn how to interact with different personalities. Learning how to communicate; be aware of cultural differences and how to be comfortable with yourself, are reasons enough to get a casual job.


Make new friends.

If you are new to the area, or have always been here, bond with colleagues and enhance your social life. Some of your best friends you will have in your life will come from work environments.


Earn Money.

Last, but by no means least, what better reason is there to get a part-time job than earning some extra cash? Aren’t you tired of asking mom and dad for some money to get a new shirt or latest pair of sneakers? Start supporting yourself and become the adult you want to be.

As you can clearly see, getting a part time job is a no brainer. Sign up with Deep South Vibes and start making a difference, earn some money and have fun doing it! Our DSV Agents will be there to support you.

Click here to sign up for part time work. It’s a Deep South Vibe.


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