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Let’s eat!

Street Foods

AndRoc’s Mobile Kitchen & Catering believe that you are what you eat. With this in mind, their food is made to nourish the body, make you feel happy and sometimes nostalgic. Simply put, AndRoc’s cook for you, when you don’t want to or don’t have time to cook.

With the freshest locally sourced and environmentally friendly ingredients used in their food, you can be assured it’s of the best and purest quality. Meals that are not only good for you, but nourishing and respectful to the earth too.


Support local

For the love of food

A husband and wife team, AndRoc’s have a passion for food and cooking. After the need for a lifestyle change in 2016, they quit their jobs, bought a food trailer and moved back to Kommetjie. They like to present food that people can relate to. Add in their “AndRoc’s” twist, for more visual appeal, AndRoc’s draws interest by their uniquely named street-foods.

Their food is fun and of course deliciously moreish. You can taste the happiness and love they have in the food they cook. They actually kick each other out the kitchen if the mood is not right. “If you cook while unhappy, people will taste it.”

With their creative, one of a kind quality product at the lowest possible price, they spread love and respect through their cooking.

AndRoc’s followed their dreams and have not looked back. “I would like to think that our brand would inspire students to do the same. Always strive to be different and provide the best version of yourself.”

Get down to Long Beach, Kommetjie to get a burst of flavor.

AndRoc’s ready-made meals are also available at Just Foods Deli in Kommetjie. They provide catering for events as well as weddings and birthdays in and around of Kommetjie.


Contact them for your food catering needs.


Kommetjie – Surf Way (Food Trailer) and Mountain Road (Head Quarters)

Trading times

Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm (Daily Dinners)
Sat & Sun 8.30am – 15.00
(Food Trailer at the beach)
Subject to change

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