Blended Health Cafe & Deli

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Health Café & Surf Shop

Finding balance in everyday life

From quitting their day jobs and funding their dream through the sale of a cell phone; over 5 years ago; Layla and Garth quickly realised they were onto a winning formulae. Next was the purchase and renovation of a Vintage Food Caravan, while their little pop up shop in the CBD started earning its street cred. All the while, hitting the festival scene pretty hard with the sale of their Coffees, Smoothies & Fresh Juices.

Fast forward 5 years and they are now a fully-fledged Health Café & Surf Shop, with a vegetarian & vegan Health Café. To top it all off, a lovely Yoga studio space & lifestyle shop is also on offer.

“Isn’t it funny how the universe works, always giving you want you want but not always when you want it, but definitely when you need it!”

Finding balance in everyday life

Our Culture is our Family

Blended have created a space in the Deep South that is 100% vegetarian and about 95% vegan and plant based. A place where the food is fresh, delicious and nutritious, and where the staff are welcoming. You can feel the love and passion from the second you walk in through their doors. 

“Our Employees have become our extended family and we always do our best to make sure they know that. Our customers have become our family too and enjoy our relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is always welcome :)” states Layla

At Blended they believe in living a sustainable life and to ensure there is a future for generations to come. They are working towards a ‘zero to landfill’ cafe and use their own compost for their veggie garden.

The Way Life Should Be

Well Balanced

Blended Health Cafe & Deli are 100% vegetarian and focus mainly on plant based whole food meals. Using fresh produce & ‘superfoods’ to create all their recipes

An ideal spot for students to wind down during their study breaks or after school; or even to hijack the Wi-Fi for work or studies. Their well-priced and nutritious brain foods and drinks are sure to power you up. Blended Health Cafe & Deli, located inside Eat.Surf.Yoga Lifestyle centre, has something for everyone. Plus they are planning on launching a loyalty and student card program in the next few months.

The Place

Eat.Surf.Yoga is a lifestyle centre that truly is a lifestyle centre. As the name suggests,it has a restaurant, juice & coffee bar, a surf school, and a yoga studio including a lifestyle and apothecary shop. All in one convenient location. Enhance your life, mind, body and spirit by dropping in at! It’s definitely a Deep South Vibe!

Eat.Surf.Yoga is located at 13 Glen Road, Glencairn.


Visit The Blended Health Café at Eat.Surf.Yoga.



7am to 4.30pm daily


13 Glen Rd, Glencairn, Cape Town, 7975


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