Boodles Vegan Ice Cream

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Vegan Ice Cream

Ice cream brings people together

I don’t love ice cream, said no one ever! The love of ice cream transcends any age, language, colour or creed. There is an immense amount of happiness that is derived from indulging in ice cream. Whether it is a hot summers day, or a cool winters afternoon, any time is the perfect time for ice cream.

Boodles Vegan Ice Cream is a locally made, dairy free ice cream that caters for the dairy and lactose allergic or intolerant as well as for those who follow a vegan diet. It’s a vegan friendly ice cream based on coconut cream and only the simplest ingredients that creates a burst of flavour.

Vegan Friendly

Boodles is the healthier option in comparison to your usual dairy based ice creams. Unlike the traditional ice creams that are loaded with sugars and artificial ingredients, Boodles provides a natural, vegan-based alternative packaged in an eco friendly carton.

With a wide range of over 16 amazing artisanal ice cream flavours, no one will miss out on this dairy free dessert.

Minimal ingredients

Young Entrepreneur

Stella Emmerson started her business at the tender age of 15. Three years later, she is currently finishing her matric and plans to take her business on full time.

“I run the entire business on my own, which includes all the cooking, churning, packaging, emailing, photography, social media, deliveries and so much more.” Says Stella

Her passion to create a wider variety of sweet treats for those who cannot consume dairy products and supply the community with a healthier option, Stella aims to prove to others that a vegan product can be just as tasty and satisfying as any other!

“Hopefully one day we will have a Boodles Vegan Ice Cream Cafe where everyone can enjoy their ice cream while walking to the beach.” 

Evidently, Stella never lost her groove and has got it right by the many smiles on everyone’s faces after their first lick of her coconut goodness. It’s a Deep South Vibe.


Boodles is available from the Kommetjie Deli (just foods deli & wine shop), the Whole Earth Café or one can buy directly from STELLA in Kommetjie

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