Destroyer Surfboards

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quality surfboards 

If you are looking for a locally made, quality, custom surfboards then look no further!

Destroyer Surfboards are pushing surfboard making and the design of surfboards into the new economy. Their boards are designed and customised for each and every customer. From performance boards, fishes, twinni, logs, long boards, mid lengths, hybrids and retro boards – Destroyers got it!

Destroyer Surfboards is small team that are passionate about building surfboards. They constantly strive to perfect their craft in every way, but have fun doing it!

The Design Process

Numerous things are taken into consideration before their creation process begins. Starting with the customer’s height and weight measurements, they move onto the design making use of high tech 3D CAD software.

From there they proceed to cut out the shape on a CNC to ensure that customers have a design that really suits them. Anything and everything is possible when it comes to surfboard design, what shape you should be ridding, what skate and volume, even down to what materials are used. The final step is laying down the custom artwork.


“It’s a very chilled environment and we love to get to know our customers and make sure they are super stoked with the product they receive.”

Says Josh Farley, the creator of Destroyer Surfboards.

“We create any surfboard thinkable for our customers. Each piece is one of a kind crafted by an actual surfer.”

Josh has been surfing his whole life. He fell in love with the skill after shaping his own first board and little by little, it became a full time business.

Destroyer Surfboards
Destroyer Surfboards
Destroyer Surfboards
Destroyer Surfboards
Destroyer Surfboards


Looking Forward

“The support from the industry has been amazing and we are ready to go global”

“Clients have the ability to order their custom handcrafted surfboards before their next trip to Cape Town. Allowing them to pick it up and actually use it for their holiday.“

One thing is clear, driven by their mission to craft the perfect board for every unique customer, they are intent on making a mark on the world of surf.


Order your locally made, quality, custom surfboard from Destroyer. It’s a Deep South Vibe!

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