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As the name suggests, DIY Craft Bar is a contemporary art studio bar offering unique crafts and “do it yourself” art making.

Located in the Southern Peninsula, DIY Craft Bar was created out of a strong passion to make learning crafts easy and accessible. They aim to help students acquire foundational skills, develop new techniques, and confidently move forward in their creative journey.

A place to inspire people and let creative dreams become a reality.

Arts & crafts

DIY Craft Bar was birthed from the idea that there are so many exciting crafts and home made ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, but no real place to learn them. Not to mention the expense of purchasing the very specific tools required for all the different crafts.

“We at DIY Craft Bar believe that everyone can be creative when guided and encouraged correctly and when they lose their fear of being wrong,”

mentions Andy Power, owner and founder of DIY Craft Bar,

“So many people have a fear of failure and don’t believe in themselves and their creative abilities” states Andy. “Not everyone wants to create the same craft, and so came the idea of DIY Craft Bar.”

DIY Craft bar offers unique crafts and allows clients to select the craft they want to work on. Each person can be working on something completely different, which encourages individuality. And as we all know, individuality is part of what makes Art so inspiring!

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Double Up

Battling to find a suitable venue for her ladies’ nights that allowed for crafting, Andy decided to combine it all. At DIY Craft Bar, you can take a sip of your chilled wine, while grabbing a healthy bite to eat, surrounded by your friends. And have some fun crafting too.

The sophisticated interior design of their studio sets them apart and ensures a very relaxed vibe and a serious amount of fun!

Having the courage to open a business in lockdown and survive, DIY Craft Bar now provides employment for those who lost their jobs during 2020 and for various reasons, are unable to seek new employment.

DIY Craft Bar plans to collaborate with other artists and crafters and start hosting events for the community. So be sure to follow them on social media for more on this.


A Creative Studio 

DIY Craft Bar is perfect for students who would like to learn a new skill that could start to generate an income. Once you have mastered the skills, you can create your own gifts and earn extra cash selling them.

Looking to decorate your home or digs? Why not try a boho style with macrame plant hangers, shibori, dream catchers and concrete coasters.

DIY Craft Bar also hosts birthday parties and functions, where they offer customized packages to suit any need or budget. Or should you wish, you could hire their beautiful venue on its own!

Visit their contemporary craft studio in Noordhoek for exciting crafts like shibori, lino, macrame, felt and leather handbags, concrete crafts and so much more. It’s sure to be a Deep South Vibe.


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Mon-Sun: 10h00 – 13h00 | 14h00-17h00 | 18h00-21h00

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