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The Place

Eat.Surf.Yoga is a lifestyle centre that truly is a lifestyle centre. As the name suggests, it has a restaurant, juice & coffee bar, a surf school, and a yoga studio including a lifestyle and apothecary shop. All in one convenient location.

The Apothecary, Lifestyle Shop and The Studio at Eat.Surf.Yoga really do bring your Body, Mind, Spirit, Health and Lifestyle into focus. Supporting local produced medicines, herbs and remedies; while holding exclusive stock, they have everything you need to support your body, mind and spirit.

The Blended Health Café & Deli have created a space in the Deep South that is 100% vegetarian & about 95% vegan and plant based. A place where the food is fresh, delicious and nutritious, and where the staff are welcoming. You can feel the love and passion from the second you walk in through their doors.

Get out of your head

and away from the desks

Get out of your head and away from the desks and into the ocean. It’s never to late to start surfing! No matter your age, size or shape, Surf Africa Surf School shares their love of surfing by helping people step out of their comfort zones and onto a board in the water.

Enhance your life, mind, body and spirit by dropping in at Eat.Surf.Yoga! It’s definitely a Deep South Vibe!

Eat.Surf.Yoga is located at 13 Glen Road, Glencairn.

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