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Good Vibes, Good Juice!

Based on a culture of health, calmness and community, Joy-Anne (Faith) Bromilow, started FaithJuice in early 2015. Using 3 donated juicers, and with the help of her teenage son and her sister, she prepped and delivered the first 100 Juices. Even though they were 2 hours late for that delivery, FaithJuice have become a firm favourite around Cape Town with their carefully designed menu of tasty, balanced and beneficial health drinks.

FaithJuice have created a little haven here in Noordhoek, Cape Town. Their Raw Juice Bar leaves customers feeling happier and lighter than when they first arrived. We think it’s because of their amazing juices and smoothies that can be enjoyed in the peaceful space they have created with big smiles and open conversations.

Simply Natural

Working from out their quaint 2 x 2 shed, Joy and her team are always friendly, helpful and have a positive atmosphere. Their vibe is definitely casual, come as you are, shoes not required. Let’s face it, juicing is time consuming, messy and the results can be frustrating. FaithJuice offer a carefully designed menu with tasty, balanced, beneficial health drinks served in donated, pre-used glass jars. No mess, no fuss. No undesirable tasting experiments, no clean up, no plastic.

In addition; there are no frozen or pre-made items, everything is made to order. Local organic food growers and compost creators collect all the pulp. All water goes back into their garden and some of their greens and herbs are grown in their onsite garden. All juices and smoothies can be adjusted to your preference and because they are made with extra lashings of love, you know they are going to be tasty!


Health Benefits

Joy and her team, continue to learn and grow and are increasing their offerings to the community, both for supporting specific health conditions and requirements, as well as creating an appealing place to ‘pop’ in for a healthy treat. They also offer cleanses for specific health needs such as Type 2 Diabetes, Candida, Adrenal Fatigue, Hormonal Balancing and Banting.

While there are other businesses that offer juice cleanses, FaithJuice focus on personalised service to a very local client base. However we have been told by cleanse clients throughout Cape Town, that they prefer FaithJuice because their cleanses are not as sweet, they taste better, they use glass and not plastic bottles, and they don’t deliver frozen juice in bulk – everything is fresh and delivered daily.

Be sure to check out their 3 and 5 day Winter 2020 Cleanse

FaithJuice is simply yummy, simply healthy and simply good juice! It’s a Deep South Vibe.


Get your tasty, balanced and beneficial health drinks at FaithJuice Raw Juice, smoothie and cleanse bar in Noordhoek, CT.

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