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With strong hints of Indie Folk and Indie Rock, Fractals is a four-piece band that will be releasing their debut album, Fractals – Part 1, in the coming weeks.

 For the unknown, a fractal is an infinitely complex and never-ending pattern that is self-similar across different scales. They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop.

Fractals are one of those bands where the main genre is uncertain because, well, they play so many. Each song is vastly different from the next, yet just as captivating and awe inspiring.

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A unique sense of creativity

The band comprises of: Jonathan Simons – the founder, front man, songwriter, vocalist and rhythm guitarist. Ray Morgan – the drummer and backing vocalist. Steve de Souza – the bassist and backing vocalist. Liam McDermott – the melody guitarist and backing vocalist. Each member brings a unique sense of creativity to every song that Jonathan writes.

“Music has always been such a source of healing for me and I feel like my desire to live my life like this stems completely from my want to give other people that same source of comfort. Music is about connecting,”

states Jonathan,

“we just want to be able to share our music with as many people as possible.”

The band came together through sheer friendship and a mutual love for making noise in harmony. It was a case of the ”perfect place and time” and they all seamlessly knew exactly what needed to be done in order to make this a success.

Live Shows
are where the Magic happens

A night listening to Fractals is a truly emotional journey, guaranteed to cause the audience that truly listens to the lyrics and music to cry, laugh, and dance their hearts out. Even in between songs, Jonathan manages to entertain the audience with witty, yet tasteful humor.

Having unfortunately missed out on some festival slots in the UK due to Covd-19, the band is excited about the launch of their new album.

“When you put your music out there you are essentially sharing your taste, and we made an enormous effort to refine our taste.” mentions Jonathan.


With performances at Up The Creek Music Festival, Sofar Sounds Live, The Raptor Room, Cafe Roux and Mercury to name a few, these guys are making their mark both sides of the mountain!

Stream them on Spotify and follow them on social, to know when their new album drops and be sure to book them for your next event. It’s a “smooth” Deep South Vibe.


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