Good Riddance Coffee Co.

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slice of paradise

Can sunshine be a culture? For Good Riddance Coffee Co. it is; and with good reason. Grown out of the need to happily get rid of anything deemed unworthy. The Good Riddance brand was born from Shakespeare, bad habits and finding your inner sunshine. Your worries; bad attitudes; and general life stresses that are not worth your energy; need to take a step back!

This story is one worth hearing face to face – if you can pin her down during their busy trading hours. Thanks to Dom’s late grandfather; who was the reason behind her experiencing this special slice of paradise, Dom fell in love with Kommetjie at a very young age.

“I think something inside me always knew I’d end up back here” states Dom.

Good Riddance to bad coffee

comfort comes in all shapes and sizes.

Having opened this new business during the global pandemic, Dom and her team have poured their hearts and souls into creating a space that welcomes and comforts you. With a perfectly poured flat white cortado, hot chocolate or any other delicious beverages that warms your heart, comfort comes in all shapes and sizes. 

“If it doesn’t feel like work, I guess we must be doing something right.” 

And right they are, with a constant flow of gratitude, a shower of kindness and good tunes, the vibe at Good Riddance Coffee Co. is tangible. They take care and pride in their products and coffee is their main priority.


Let the good vibes in

Good Riddance Coffee Co. focus on diversity and welcoming each and every person with open arms. With gluten free and vegan bakes available alongside their coffee, they’ve got a little something for everyone. Their consistency and attention to detail, ensures the best specialty coffee and customer care.

“There’s no judgment here honey, if you want sugar in that coffee you go for it, but we are also pretty stoked about the quality and consistency of our coffee so you may not even need that extra sweetness. Our love is already in there” mentions Dom.

Who doesn’t love a chilled, doggo friendly, post surf, beach, and mountain hangout session with mates and good coffee?

Get rid of all your problems with a triple delish cup of coffee from Good Riddance and leave their shop with a spring in your step.


Visit Good Riddance Coffee Co. now!



Closed Tuesdays.
Weekdays 6am – 14:30pm.
Sat 7am – 14:30pm
Sun 8am – 1pm


12 Huskisson Way, Kommetjie
(Next to the GreenRoom)


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