Henna With Love

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Henna With Love

Henna With Love are an artistic duo that create free hand contemporary, artistic, 100% natural and child-friendly henna tattoos.

Introducing Cara and Bella, the creators of Henna With Love that started 8 years ago at a school fund raising event. It was such a HIT. After they tattooed over 150 students, they realised this could be the start of a successful business.

Providing temporary tattoos at festivals and events, their henna tattoos enhance your experience and provide a unique way to compliment your outfit, style or persona. And lets be honest, they’re really fun too.

Not too sure what real tattoo you want to get done yet or are you still trying to convince your spouse or parents to get a tattoo? Try out their 100% natural and child-friendly henna.

Made With Love

Natural Art

“We love art, we create art, we apply ourselves to bring joy in the form of henna art.” mentions the developing creatives, based in Cape Town, these young and hungry artists are changing the game when it comes to creative and contemporary henna tattoos!

“We have a passion and desire to create, develop and work in a combined synergy with conceptualization, and transformative art and expression.”

Their goal is to eventually expand the business and tattoo team, so that they can facilitate POP UP Bars around the world – allowing them to travel and spread their passion across the globe.

“We aim to awe inspire with our non-traditional, complex fine art based henna designs – we create completely freehand!”


Festivals & Music

Henna With Love has featured recently at Cederberg weekend festival in March 2021 where they combined Henna tattoos with Tribal glow in the dark art for a truly unique festival experience.

They also featured at The Cape Creative Collectives “Way Out There” event in May 2021, and ran a few Pop Up’s at Precious Cargo, Imhoff Farm, Kommetjie during level 2 lockdown in 2021.

“Passion, Inspiration, Unrelenting Artistic Energy is what fuels us both.”

Adds Cara and Bella.

This is just the beginning for these two artists.

To keep up with their latest news, Pop Up Bars at Festivals and Events or even wanting to make a booking, get in touch today! Now that’s a Deep South Vibe.


100% natural and child-friendly henna


076 727 5629


Cape Town

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