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It’s a Deep South Vibe.

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

The Origin.

It has been a very painful past few months. We have all gone through the journey of grieving for our lost freedom, our loss of all the very things we know and love. Separated from friends and family, losing our minds in confined spaces.

social life

self entertain & self educate.

Many students have gone through deep depression, and loss of self worth, missing their freedom, loss of earning ability and no new skills developed! Being old enough, students have been left to their own devices and have had to fend for themselves during lockdown. Not quite dealing with the financial implications like their parents and not in a blissful endless holiday like their younger siblings. They have had to self entertain and self educate. Often dealing with their emotions alone and isolated from their friends and social life.


find solutions for students

Our time as a family spent in lockdown was one of soul-searching and visualization of what it was that we wanted to achieve once we emerged from this new world. We used our time to brainstorm, find solutions for students and young adults who are stuck in a very dangerous space.

How could we harness their raw emotions and channel it in a new direction? How can we help our local communities? How could we provide hope to our youth? By mixing it all together! Thus Deep South Vibes was born!

Our passion and mission is to uplift the student generation, to up-skill and ignite a new wave and drive change in the Deep South.

It’s a Deep South Vibe.


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