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Just For The Night

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Music

Just For The Night – EP Release

Michael Sutton ft Skyelar Clarke

As we mentioned a few weeks back in a feature post on Michael Sutton, his new original track ‘Just For The Night’ was released on Spotify and Apple Music today 1 September 2020.

Having started recording this song over 2 years ago, continually tweaking it and with no real intention if finishing it, Michael decided to make better use of his “lockdown” days and put his time into completing this new track.


uplifting & catchy

Based on the loss of two people close to Michael, he felt he needed to express his emotions by taking the listener on a journey. Starting quite slow and almost “sad”, the song starts to pick up-tempo and energy with an uplifting and catchy melody to bring the listener out of the heavy beginning.

“The visual that kept playing through my head was the main stage at Tomorrowland where the drop comes and you just see thousands of people jumping up and down with their hands in the air” reflects Michael.

He then contacted DJ Cosher, the owner of Cosher Recording Studios, and Michael was put in contact with Skyelar when the magic started to happen.

“The first time I heard the track I immediately was drawn to the structure of the chords and energy it had. There was a certain tension that I thought I could incorporate melodically and in the lyrical narrative” mentions Skyelar.

With some challenging vocal requirements, Skyelar has pushed out of her comfort zone both vocally and lyrically and the end result is stellar!

“It was so easy to work with Skyelar, she is exceptionally professional. I sent her the rough draft and within 2 hours she had come back with a first version – I was shocked, in a good way!

Word on the street!

With some further collaboration, the vocals were dialled in and the song was ready for the fans.

“Michael is honestly one of the most hard-working guys I’ve met and this single showcases the amount of work he puts in” states Xavier Dragner, fellow DJ and close friend.

Colin Sher, ‘DJ Cosher’ had this to say about the two artists.

“Working on this track was a lot of fun and It was a pleasure to watch Michael’s ideas come to life as we went through the process of the production. Each sound and idea that was represented by Michael’s original demo was used to create the final track. Working with Skyelar was great too, her delivery and lyrics were on point and with a bit of clear direction from Michael, we were able to get the perfect vocal track for the song.”


support local

Don’t just take our word for it, Go get the track on Apple or Spotify now and support local. Don’t forget to follow them both on social! It’s a Deep South Vibe!

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