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Kiff.Cool is a fresh new local brand that creates and sells really cool, locally produced, hand made products and gifts! Now that’s Kiff!

Their brand is as funky, arty and fresh as their bold name suggests and their small team are based in the heart of Kommetjie, Western Cape,

Launching with their artisanal hand crafted, surf inspired, wooden longboard incense & ash catchers, Kiff.Cool are making waves in the Deep South and providing a great gift under R150.

Kiff.Cool focus on bringing their positive energy into creating pieces that will find a home or yoga studio nation wide. Each ash catcher is made with great care and love from the beginning stages of hand shaping to the inspired art and finishing process.

Humble Beginnings

It’s all about Family

Having spent so much time as a family working during lockdown, school, college, home activities, and getting stuck into arts and crafts, incense was burned to create a place of peace and serenity for the family. Allowing their senses to transport them to wonderful and amazing places.

“We love to burn incense, but our old ash catchers just never caught the ash!” mentions Carissa, part owner of the brand.



“We brainstormed around some concepts, and came up with the first design and prototype. We then worked through 5 versions that we tested and refined until we settled on the shape and size that just worked.” Carissa adds, 

“While we create each board, the artist will have a ‘wish’ or a ‘vision’ for each one and this is written on each label. We do not wish to compete with the mass producers and we will always retain our authenticity.”

Whilst tourism is dormant right now, Kiff.Cool aim to build their brand and following during this time and to be ready for expansion and the higher demand for their unique product when tourism booms again, exporting to surf villages across the globe.

support local

Support Local

Hand Made

With no defined product line, Kiff.Cool are able to create or source, stock and supply kiff and cool products from around South Africa. You can currently purchase their funky wooden longboard incense & ash catchers in 4 stores. And they will soon be available in Johannesburg too.

New branded products, cannabis based natural body creams and more are in the pipeline and will soon be added to the list of cool products available on their website soon. Now that’s a Deep South Vibe!


Be Kiff. Be Cool. Be You.


076 727 5629

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