Kristen’s Kick Ass Ice Cream

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Ice cream

Food made by happy people just tastes better!

Kristen’s Kick Ass Ice Cream has grown from humble beginnings. Using a wedding present counter top churner, American and unusual flavours were infused. Word got around and soon people were ordering their fun concoctions, and the business started growing organically from there!

Kristen’s Kick Ass Ice Cream has created a genuine experience for their customers. These days, consumers are smart and educated about where and how to spend their hard earned money, especially in this new economy.

“I think people can taste the love and effort that goes into our ice creams. It helps that we use premium ingredients, and do not skimp on anything regarding quality. “ says Kristen.

Knowing that they are a small batch churnery, where happy employees make everything on site, should make the choice to visit their shop a bit easier.


Eventually word got to the guys at the Noordhoek Farm Village, and they saw the synergy. With the same ethos of meshing food and community, it wasn’t long before Kristen’s Kick Ass Ice Cream became a tenant in the Village.

“Affordable luxury! You may not be able to buy a Bentley (yet), but you can buy a scoop of premium ice cream, and that’s kinda the same thing!“ states Kristen 

They envision being the little scoop shop where everyone feels welcome to come and have a moment regardless of who you are, or what state you are in. Families, romantic dates, people who just need a solitary “ice cream hug” moment

Kristen's Kick Ass Ice Cream
Kristen's Kick Ass Ice Cream


Ice cream solves any and all problems!

“I love being able to up skill employees at Kristen’s! As I certainly had no first hand knowledge how to create or scale artisanal ice creams when I started out, I do not expect the same from my employees. I look for people who want to be a part of a family that will stay with us for the long term, fostering relationships not only with the rest of the team, but with our customers as well. One of my first employees ever started out as a dishwasher, and now runs the kitchen for the entire brand and was a key ingredient in the opening our Mauritius branch.”

Most of their customers are local, and they foster long lasting relationships with them.

“We know what their favourite flavours are by site. Our customers keep coming back to us not just for the ice cream, but because we treat them like family.”

Luckily they are still standing after lockdown! They were able to keep all of their team on the roster and the doors open thanks to the support of the locals!

In May, they started a delivery service, and the response was amazing. And in June they were able to reopen their doors with the proper protocols and all of their regular customers came back. That’s a Deep South Vibe.


You can now order cakes online at: with delivery to the Deep South.


Trading times

9am-5pm everyday

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