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great food & value for money

quality wood fired pizza

As the name suggests, Our Pizza Place was born out of two families desire to create a fun, friendly and family orientated business that is all-inclusive. A place where people can say and feel that this is truly their pizza place, with great food and value for money.

“My brother and I have always wanted to be in business together; and with our wives, have created Our Pizza Place” responds Jacques.

Leading with their values, they continuously improve their skill and product. They focus on maximising their time, as family is very important to them all!

“We value everyone’s time and endeavour never to waste it, as family comes first.”

Fired Up

We’re Ready!

Loving a challenge, Our Pizza Place is a collaborative business where all staff shares ideas to the benefit of all. They are authentic with their purpose and want to make a difference in the lives of the community and their staff.

“We see our business as a vehicle to solving social problems in South Africa such as unemployment” states Jacques.

Our Pizza Place is proudly South African, and it is evidently clear from the name of their pizzas. Names like; Jislaaik – Bacon, jalapenos, feta, cream cheese & guacamole pizza, or the Ubuntu – Chicken mayo, bacon, pineapple, green peppers & garlic pizza. And our #DSV teams favourite, the Aweh – Butternut, feta, artichokes, spinach, red onion, peppers & balsamic reduction. With their quality wood fired pizza, Our Pizza Place hope to deliver a pizza in every household in the Western Cape and ultimately all of SA.

They use only the best and freshest ingredients. From the freshly rolled unbleached stoneground flour bases, to the fresh veggies and top of the range mozzarella, Our Pizza Place has arguably the best pizza in the Deep South.

For families who want to take a break from cooking or want to spoil them selves, visit Our Pizza Place. They are fired up and ready to serve, even when load shedding hits.

They want to welcome you into their family and hope that you will allow them to become part of yours too!


Order online on their website now.


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