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Retro Crochets

from old to new

Retro Crochets. These two words are not normally neighbors and are seldom seen together, but clearly describe this upcoming entrepreneur! Enter PAW PAW Crochets, a purely local, online brand, that brings crochet items out from the old and into the new in a retro funky way. 

Following her dreams, Cami started PAW PAW after learning to crochet in her attempt to combat her boredom during lockdown. She quickly picked up the love and skill for this art, and created a flower bucket hat with minimal fuss. The amazing response she received after posting it online, pushed her to focus her attention on her new business venture.


100% Cotton

earth friendly clothing

This funky range of earth friendly clothing is cotton based and is biodegradable. And with a variety of styles, colours and designs, they are ideal for funky people, relaxing on the beach and festivals go’ers.

“We are all about slow fashion and against mass production” states Cami

Cami has empowered two women in her local community, Bev and Success, to assist her with the production of her cool range of clothing and accessories. Their magic fingertips have enabled PAW PAW to create original customized clothing that is made to order. Taking anything from 3 days to 3 weeks for each hand made item to be fulfilled.

high demand.

Where to now?

After reaching over 1000 followers on Instagram in the short space of time, PAW PAW is in high demand. Their customer-centric service, says it all:

“We had one complaint that our stuff was to expensive and so we have organised a monthly sale” mentions Cami.

From beautiful hand crafted camera straps, bucket hats and bags to bikini’s, tops and earrings, PAW PAW Crochets is making an impact in fashion and in her community. Now that’s a Deep South Vibe!


Contact PAW PAW Crochets via their Instagram account.




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