Pizza Khaya

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Fresh daily hand-rolled bases

with a generous portion of fresh toppings

Arguably the best pizza in the southern peninsula, Pizza Khaya offers fresh daily hand-rolled bases with a generous portion of fresh toppings. In an environment that allows you to experience great pizza at affordable prices, you get to also enjoy the great views of laid back Glencairn. 

Pizza Khaya is a little artisanal pizza spot located right in the heart of Glencairn. A family business from the start, Dillan and Michael, have taken over from T-bo, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal cancer, in a bitter sweet transition in late 2019.

“T-bo’s last wish for the business was that we would take it over and we would not turn down the opportunity to continue the Pizza Khaya legacy.” mentions Michael.

They pride themselves on providing the freshest and best quality product to their local customers; Pizza Khaya aims to continue producing amazing quality pizza at affordable prices. All the while being able to support and provide jobs to their amazing team!


A New Brand

The Makeover

With a new corporate identity, a revamp of the shop interior and storefront, new integrated card and payment methods, and new delivery service, Pizza Khaya doesn’t plan on going anywhere soon.

“Because we took over Pizza Khaya right at the beginning of Covid-19 we have faced some interesting challenges. Many of our original plans have been put on hold because of the pandemic, but we have adapted and made the best of a bad situation.” states Michael.

Pizza Khaya have implemented a strict Covid-19 policy to ensure the safety and hygienic production of their pizzas. As the world moves forward in this difficult time, they have a vision that includes many new developments so watch this space!

So for great affordable pizzas, with an extreme emphasis on quality and affordability, simply stop by, bring your own booze and enjoy high quality fresh artisanal pizza that doesn’t break the bank. Now that’s a Deep South Vibe


Visit Pizza Khaya


12:30 – 19:30
(Deliveries from 4 o’clock)


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