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Family Friendly Shaper

Positive Vibes

Pulp Shape Industries can best be described as a family focused surf brand that grommets, new starters, professionals or even older folks can relate to; a brand that aims at providing the right board for your exact needs.

Promoting “stoke” throughout the industry and spreading positive vibes through shaping, Lincoln Logie, creator of Pulp Shapes, has been surfing since the tender age of 10 and shaping boards since 2016. After picking it up as a hobby with his dad, Lincoln improved on not only his surfing, but also his board shaping skills. By the time he preferred riding his own boards than bought ones, he knew he wanted to take this to a professional level.

Promoting “stoke”

quality boards

Let’s be honest, professional surfers can surf an ironing board and make it look good. Pulp Shape Industries prefer to make quality boards for any level of surfer and their capabilities. Lincoln’s willingness to spread love through surfing and his passion to teach customers more about what they are ordering is what makes this creator stand out from the crowd.

support local

Onward & Upward

Peer Respect

“I have no employees as I do all the work myself which allows me to stay in touch with my customers. Feedback is so valuable and I love to take their insights and apply them in creating my boards,” mentions Lincoln, “I try and steer customers in the right direction, even if they want a board that looks good or is too high performance for them.”

Lincoln values his customers’ satisfaction and feels, as sense of achievement every time one of them comes back to him with positive feed back

As he continues to improve on his craft of hand shaping and CnC machine made surfboards, he has already started gathering the respect of the professional shapers.

Lincoln has big dreams for his brand Pulp Shape Industries, and hopefully he will get more and more people to see the love, passion and enjoyment he gets and puts into his work. Lincoln is always open to working with artists to create some truly unique boards for his clients.

Plus it’s affordable as a lot more people, especially students are falling in love with the sea and the lifestyle that comes with surfing.

Contact Lincoln today and setup a time to discuss your perfect hand shaped and CnC machine made surfboard. Go on – it’s a Deep South Vibe!






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