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Far far away, behind the mountain peaks, beyond the wildest seas, you’ll find Sebastian Staines. A freelance thinker and creator. Anything is possible with film and photography these days and Sebastian takes full advantage of this. His breath taking and engaging video content speaks volumes and often surprises people with the end result.

Sebastian Staines is a freelance filmmaker and content creator for hire. Always learning and progressing in his craft, he describes himself as incredibly pedantic with the quality of his productions, but is adaptable and enjoys working with his clients.

“I just try to make a living whilst having fun. Otherwise, what’s the point?” states Sebastian. “If people think what I produce is cool, looks good or works for them as a client then I’m happy and I know I’m moving in the right direction.”

Freelance Film Maker

Content Creator for Hire

Sebastian has a degree in marketing specializing in copy writing, he can build websites, and create all forms of content, but his passion is video! And with the help of the University of YouTube, he has managed to build a formidable portfolio of work.

Funding his passion and continuously upgrading his equipment, Sebastian owns all his and this keeps his costs lower than average.

“A lot of customers simply need quality content that isn’t way out of their price range. This is where I plug the gap” says Sebastian.

Sebastian aims to tell stories in a creative way, to not be generic and to keep things interesting. If he can show people things that they have never seen before, or footage that ‘blows their mind’ then his job is done!

Sebastian is moving back to Europe after Covid-19 has settled and is gracefully offering his incredible talents to as many brands and people as possible for extremely low prices or even FREE depending on their needs. A Deep South Vibe? Damn straight!


Contact Sebastian to get the best video footage in the Deep South.




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