Deep South Vibes

Seven Southern Sunsets

by | Aug 4, 2020 | Videos | 0 comments

Deep South Vibes proudly presents Seven Southern Sunsets. Try say that without twisting your tongue.
In this original video, our #DSV Team showcase seven glorious sunsets from seven different spots easily accessible within the Deep South.

Scarborough  |  Witsands  |  The Blockhouse
The Lighthouse  |  Inner Kom  |  The Kom Pier  |  NoordHoek

It’s a Deep South Vibe!

Southern Peninsula Image Courtesy of Daniel Grebe @daniel_grebe
Filmed by: Bella Meiring @bellabeautiful007
Cara Meiring @cara_michelle_meiring
Carissa Meiring @carissameiring
Blaique Wiehahn @blaique_
Banter Digital @bantersa
Edited by: Blaique Wiehahn @blaique_
Music: Courtesy of Dylan Wiehahn @dylz80

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