Surf Africa Surf School

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Surf Africa Surf School

Get out of your head and away from the desks and into the ocean. It’s never to late to start surfing! No matter your age, size or shape, Surf Africa shares their love of surfing by helping people step out of their comfort zones and onto a board in the water. 

“By learning to surf you open up this joy inside of you which is unexplainable and can only be felt.“ States Garth “Not only do we teach people how to surf, but we also teach and are passionate about ocean awareness.”

Surf Africa is a new surf shop & surf school located at Eat.Surf.Yoga Lifestyle Centre in Glencairn.

Surf. Travel. Experience

Local is Best

Surf Africa was founded by Garth & Layla in 2018. From Garths personal passion and love for surfing and the ocean, he has transformed it into a place where students can clear their mind of any school, study or work stress. To reflect and energize and feed their creative juices 🙂

Cape Town is renowned for its hot surfing spots and although Glencairn beach is not as popular as Muizenberg, it is a great place to learn to surf with ideal beginners waves. It’s the only surf school in the Deep South that has a calmer and safer feel about it, especially for those that aren’t ready or are too intimidated by big waves and crowded waters.

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Our culture is Stoke.

To feel the stoke, to share the stoke, to live the stoke.

With a vision of creating a unique and uplifting surf culture in Glencairn, Surf Africa implemented a R5 fund from day one where for every surf lesson purchased, R5 is placed into a fund that is used to provide free lessons to local underprivileged kids from the community.

“With hope, we can get them off the streets and into a new passion and hobby. Surfing has saved so many peoples lives and we want them to be a part of that.”

Being the only surf school that uses Glencairn beach and being based at Eat.Surf.Yoga, they truly have something for everyone. If dad wants to surf, mom can do some yoga or enjoy a nice healthy meal. Get some last minute gift or deli shopping in, or pick up one of their uniquely branded Surf Africa Clothing. All under one roof, but whatever you do, find some surf, travel and experience the beauty that life has to offer. Now that’s a Deep South Vibe!

Surf Africa offers a 4-lesson surf package for R1100 as well as a variety of other group and private packages that can be viewed on their website. They also offer School holiday surf packages with details being released closer to the time.

The Place

Eat.Surf.Yoga is a lifestyle centre that truly is a lifestyle centre. As the name suggests,it has a restaurant, juice & coffee bar, a surf school, and a yoga studio including a lifestyle and apothecary shop. All in one convenient location. Enhance your life, mind, body and spirit by dropping in at! It’s definitely a Deep South Vibe!

Eat.Surf.Yoga is located at 13 Glen Road, Glencairn.


Visit Surf Africa at Eat.Surf.Yoga.




Shop: 7am – 4.30pm
Lessons: 9am – 4.30pm

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