The Apothecary, Lifestyle Shop & The Studio

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Bringing magic back to the hood.

Just like the 5 points of a star or your 5 senses, the 5 magical elements of Body, Mind, Spirit, Health and Lifestyle are intrinsically connected. The Apothecary, Lifestyle Shop and The Studio follow this theme and have everything you need to support your body, mind and spirit. All conveniently located under one roof at Eat.Surf.Yoga.

Gelda Walsh has created a safe, happy and inclusive space for all who visit. With abundance of special, locally produced magic – whether it is medicines or objects for the home and body; they provide relief for health issues; spiritual, emotional and physical healing and the promotion of healthy living.

It’s a Lifestyle

Locally Produced Medicines

From a single shelf inside the yoga studio, The Apothecary and Lifestyle Shop “organically” grew to demand their own defined spaces at

“We love our centre and want all who visit and work there to feel at home and comfortable with us.” States Gelda “ Our philosophy is one of understanding. That true healing and expansiveness in this life comes from taking care of all these aspects of oneself.”

Supporting local produced medicines, herbs and remedies; while holding exclusive stock, The Apothecary, Lifestyle Shop and The Studio at really do bring your Body, Mind, Spirit, Health and Lifestyle into focus. That’s a Deep South Vibe!

The Place

Eat.Surf.Yoga is a lifestyle centre that truly is a lifestyle centre. As the name suggests,it has a restaurant, juice & coffee bar, a surf school, and a yoga studio including a lifestyle and apothecary shop. All in one convenient location. Enhance your life, mind, body and spirit by dropping in at! It’s definitely a Deep South Vibe!

Eat.Surf.Yoga is located at 13 Glen Road, Glencairn.


Visit The Apothecary, Lifestyle Shop and The Studio at Eat.Surf.Yoga.

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