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One Earth, Love it!

Launched during lockdown and making the most out of a bad situation, The Calm Water Co. is simply water in a can and definitely a new concept in the mineral water space. Canned at the source in the Cederberg Mountains, The Calm Water Co. is one of the first natural mineral waters in a can in South Africa and it’s available in the South Peninsula.

The idea for a ‘mineral water in a can’ was born about a year ago when news and international media brought attention to the disastrous plight of our oceans and the pollution that we have created. As an ocean and beach loving family, the Richardson’s knew that they could contribute, even in a small way, to reduce plastic in our oceans and on our beaches. By changing the current mind-set and narrative towards plastic, they could be one step closer to being part of the “solution and not the pollution.”

Be the solution and not the pollution

Calm Water Co. is definitely a “ disrupter” in the mineral water space that is looking to change the mind-set towards plastic bottles. They are a small start up company, working in a “calm”, chilled environment.

“We would love to see Calm Water Co. as the preferred choice of mineral water as an alternative to the plastic bottle” mentions Michelle Richardson, owner and founder of Calm Water Co.


“To be the change we wish to see in the world. Rather be part of the solution and not the pollution. We prefer leaving our beaches littered only with our footprints.”

Alternative Living

100% Locally Produced

A 100% locally produced Cape Town product, aluminium cans are infinitely recyclable compared to plastic bottles. They are more sustainable and have a lower carbon footprint than plastic and glass bottles. This product targets the worldwide problem of plastic pollution and we couldn’t be more inspired by it. One Earth, Love It!

With their environmentally friendly and sustainable product, attractive packaging and a very unique and funky barcode, The Calm Water Co. is already available in a number of stores in the Cape Peninsula and is already making waves in our local community by sponsoring an upcoming awareness event to raise money for our local Shark Spotters.


If you would like The Calm Water Co. at your next event or want to know where you can purchase these fresh and inspiring mineral waters, get in touch with them today. It’s a Deep South Vibe!


063 5869109


Noordhoek, Cape Town, South Africa

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