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Why do we Focus on Students and Young Adults?

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Let’s face it, Students like to party. And why shouldn’t they?

It’s their time for freedom, their time to be reckless and carefree, before they get pinned down by jobs and families. We know all about it, we all did it.

Not an adult, but not a teenager anymore, these students seek adventure and excitement. Flashing lights and loud thumping tunes. They crave the nightlife, after hour’s entertainment and the social scene. (And let’s be honest, don’t we all wish we could still be on the jol?)


Why The deep south?

Traditionally a newly wed, young family or old retiree area, there is a lack of “cool” and “trendy” clubs, bars and entertainment venues for students in the deep south. This has resulted in many young adults heading over the mountain to find their party fix.

In recent years, the legal drinking limit has been decreasing (and rightfully so), while the need for e-hailing cab services like Uber, Lyft and Bolt (formally Taxify) have been on the rise. This is a simple “supply and demand” solution that has ensured the safety of all road users, and has worked wonders in cities across the globe.

Unfortunately, due to the geographical location of the Deep South, many of these cab services do not service the area or are unreliable. Or if they do, they charge exorbitant prices. Now, with the legal drinking limit about to be dropped to ZERO, where does that leave the students of the Deep South?

next generation

Student focused

These students and young adults are the next generation of money spenders, leaders, CEO’s, politicians, doctors and accountants. They will be the new millionaires, teachers, designers and sales people. They are our hope and our future and if we do not provide a safe environment for them to flourish and gain robust life and social skills, we are doing them a disfavour.

They are going to go out and they are going to drink, we can’t stop that, but we can provide safe and more localised options for their entertainment. We can ensure that the money they WILL be spending is spent in our community, to help grow our businesses and support our families. There are students everywhere in the Deep South – let us harness this power.

Check out our trending and community media for proof.

Let’s make this a win-win for young adults and all our local shops; bars, restaurants, businesses and artists. By bringing these two elements together, the supply and demand, we can do anything!

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